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CV. Born in Malaga, I take my first steps in Nerja, France and the United States. I decided at an early age to live on the coast of Granada and Malaga. My multilingual education, my love for my sunny land and all the people who live in it, leads me in the new millennium to work as a real estate agent.

THOUGHTS. After fifteen years managing real estate, I prefer to present myself as a real estate mediator. The art of mediating real estate transactions lies, on the one hand, in knowing the product and its potential, taking care of the interests of the owner; on the other hand, in finding and satisfying the needs and demands of each new user profile of our services; remaining helpful, close and impartial. I like to think that I am a butler who enjoys sufficient confidence consisting of "closing deals by opening the doors" of those houses that seek new residents, thus linking people here and there with the generosity of our land, Andalusia.

MEET US. Campo & Costa was born as an online real estate agency, during the so-called "hangover of the brick boom": the market changed globally and Spain resented it abruptly. Due to the saturation of the new building, bank financing ceased and sales stagnated. For this reason and since our beginnings, we strive to offer those properties for sale that have some special interest, strongly positioning ourselves in the market for long term rentals. Now is another interesting time to sell, and even more so to invest. Contact me through our website www.campoycosta.com. We are backed up by agile experience in the real estate sector and we have a loyal network of collaborators. Together we will provide you with a clear, versatile, transparent and very personalised service.


Tropical Coast of Granada

Eastern Costa del Sol

The privileged geographical setting in which we operate is unique and unbeatable. The products and services offered must have the same qualities: they must be personalized and special.


Management and Administration

Studied at the University of Malaga, where in 1986 I got a degree in Economics and Business, (Economics Section), specializing in Public Economics (Taxation): it is clear that the language I speak best is numerical and written!

I practice professionally as an economist and have had my own office since 1994, previously working in management and business administration and as a director in financial institutions and several banks. The latter role continues to this day as I am a consultant to some key banks.

I believe and strongly support the declaration made by Campo & Costa because in the current socio-economic climate it is crucial to provide a truly personal service that is both flexible and intensive. The efforts made by the company are aimed at providing a high quality personal service that will be greatly valued and appreciated by the customer. This is our main goal.

For a service that is different and unique, this is the place for you. Contact us without obligation and we will advise you personally and help you find what you are looking for. Our knowledge will help you make the right decision.

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